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Year: 2013

  • C.A. Ardagna, E. Damiani, A. Mana, Cloud Standardization: A Perspective on Assurance, Panel at IEEE 2013 International Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering, Assurance, and Certi cation (SPEAC 2013), June 27, 2013, Santa Clara, CA, USA

  • IEEE 2013 Third International Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering (SPE2013), Santa Clara, CA, USA, June-July, 2013, http://www.servicescongress. org/2013/spe.html

  • IEEE 2nd International Congress on Big Data, Santa Clara, CA, USA, June-July 2013

  • IEEE 2013 International Workshop on Service Security and Assurance Perspectives (WOSSAP 2013), Santa Clara, CA, USA, June-July, 2013.

  • E. Damiani, M. Bezzi, C. Ardagna, Cluster Workshop on “Assurance for the Cloud” @ CSP EU Forum 2013


Year: 2012

  • E. Damiani, Application & Industry Track Chair of the IEEE 1st International Conference on Mobile Services (MS 2012) , Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, June 24-29, 2012

  • E. Damiani, Securing the Banking Ecosystem, Panel at 6th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystem Technologies - Complex Environment Engineering (DEST-CEE 2012), Campione d'Italia, Italy, June, 2012, http://sesar.dti.unimi.it/DEST2012/index.php/securing-the-banking-ecosystem-breakout-session

  • E. Damiani, 6th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystem Technologies - Complex Environment Engineering (DEST-CEE 2012), Campione d'Italia, Italy, June, 2012
  • E. Damiani, M. Bezzi, C. Ardagna, Cluster Workshop on “Security Contracts” @ CSP EU Forum 2012
    Workshop objectives summary: The clustering Workshop on Web Service Security Contracts aims to share ideas and experiences between relevant EU projects, standardization bodies, and other interested parties on Assurance Level Agreement (ALA) for SOA, and align outreach activities in order to achieve a higher impact on the technological standardization and development in Europe and abroad. The proposed workshop is aimed at supporting assurance by design and assurance by contract, by paving the way toward a shared notion of ALA, including models and languages for expressing, certifying, and negotiating the assurance level of services implemented on a SOA infrastructure. It is expected that such a notion will eventually lead to a standardization effort.

  • E. Damiani, Application & Industry Track Chair of the IEEE 1st International Conference on Mobile Services (MS 2012), June 24-29, 2012, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Year: 2011

  • First International Workshop on Securing Services on the Cloud (IWSSC 2011), http://sesar.dti.unimi.it/iwssc2011/
    Conference objectives summary: The ongoing merge between Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) and the Cloud computation paradigm provides a new environment fostering the integration of services located within company boundaries with those on the Cloud. An increasing number of organizations implement their business processes and applications via runtime composition of
    services made available on the Cloud by external suppliers. This scenario is changing the traditional view of security introducing new service security risks and threats, and requires re-thinking of current development, testing, and verification methodologies. IWSSC 2011 aimed to address the security issues related to the deployment of services on the Cloud, along with evaluating their
    impact on traditional security solutions for software and network systems.

  • 1st International Symposium on Secure Virtual Infrastructures (DOA-SVI'11), http://www.onthemove-conferences.org/index.php/doasvi11
    Conference objectives summary: Distributed computation is undergoing a radical paradigm shift, where users and developers alike are becoming fully decoupled from the technology infrastructure where their applications are executed. Computations details are abstracted by an increasingly deep virtualization layer, veiling distributed execution by means of the same "cloud" that supports it. Together, the notion of Cloud Computing and the related one of service-orientation are enabling new business models based on the seamless provision of dynamically scalable, virtualized resources as services made available "over the cloud", to be accessed via a web browser. For this vision to come true, a number of problems need to be solved, involving the nuts-and-bolts of virtualization as well as the reliability, scalability, security and distribution transparency of cloud-based computations, and the abstractions leading their development (e.g. service composition versus on-line architectural transformations).
    Along with the rapid evolution of these elds, the Cloud vision requires a huge research and development e ort in the underlying technologies, whose advances will broaden the scope of the Cloud's applicability. DOA 2011 investigated all issues related to the potential of the Cloud notion as a metaphor for the future Internet Services, providing semantically rich service descriptions
    and seamless interfaces to (virtual images of) locally held devices and other technologies such as the traditional Web, distributed datacenters and peer-to-peer systems.

  • 6th Conf. on Network Architecture and Information Systems Security (SAR-SSI), http://sarssi-conf.org/
    Conference objectives summary: This conference on network and information systems security represented a challenging continuation of the previous conferences SAR (on Security and Network Architecture) and SSI (on Information System Security) which decided to join since 2006. SAR-SSI 2011 has been the new annual research conference of the SAR-SSI series. It aimed at fostering the presentation of high-quality research work in network and system security. The goal of this event has been to provide a framework for exchanges among academic researchers, industry, graduate students and a broader audience interested
    in network and system security. The conference o ered a broad area of events, ranging from panels, tutorials, technical presentations and informal meetings. Submissions addressed both theoretical issues in network and system security, and provided practical and operational experiences in security management.
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