The University of Málaga (UMA) is a general university providing instruction in arts, science and engineering subjects with a total of approximately 35.000 students. The Computer Science Department of the University of Malaga is formed by more than 120 members including full, associate and assistant professors, instructors and fellows. The research group involved in SecFutur is the Proteus Laboratory of the Software Engineering Group (GISUM). Formed in 1990, the main activities of GISUM are related to Software Engineering applied to Distributed Systems. GISUM has been awarded the topmost grade (group of excellence) by the Regional Government of Andalusia. One of the most active laboratories in the group is Proteus (PROtection TEchnologies for Usable Security), which focuses on different aspects of Internet security, with special interest in Security Engineering, Software Protection, Security in highly distributed system (Service-oriented systems, Cloud Computing, Ambient Intelligence, etc.), Access Control and Authorization, among other topics. The Proteus lab consists of 3 faculty members, 2 Post-doc researchers and 10 PhD and MsC students. Members of the Proteus Lab have participated in projects funded by Public Institutions (EC, IST, FEDER, MCYT, CICYT, etc.) and private companies (T–Systems, Ingenia, Banesto, Optimi (now Ericsson), etc.), and in projects of the V and the VI Framework Programme (CASENET, UBISEC, GST, iAccess and SERENITY), as well as in current VII Framework Programme (OKKAM, ASSERT4SOA, PASSIVE, SECFUTUR). The group has received different awards such as the M–commerce Award in SIMagine 2001, and the Gold Award in e–gate Open 2002.

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