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D1.2 ASSERT Language V2 pdf

D1.3 ASSERT Profiles pdf

D1.4 ASSERT Model and Language v.3 pdf

D2.1 ASSERTS Aware Service Query Language and Discovery Engine pdf

D2.5 Mechanisms for managing ASSERTs in SBS life cycle pdf

D3.1 Requirements for an ontology supporting certi cates interoperability pdf

D3.2 First version of the ASSERT Ontology pdf

D3.3 Evaluation of the Certificate Ontology v1 pdf

D3.4 Second version of the ASSERT Ontology pdf

D4.1 Design and description of evidence-based certi cates artifacts for services pdf

D4.2 Matching algorithm for evidence-based certification v2, and proof-of-concept pdf

D4.3 Architectural solutions for evidence-based certification pdf

D5.1 Formal Models and Model Composition pdf

D5.2 Security Property Language pdf

D5.3 Model Based Certi cation Artefacts pdf

D5.4 Partial Order on ASSERT-M Certi cates pdf

D6.1 Architecture and High-level Design pdf

D7.1 Framework Requirements pdf

D7.4 Report on the identified certificational requirements pdf

D8.3 Final Dissemination Report pdf

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