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Formal Certification and Compliance for Runtime Service Environments

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Certification
  • Foster, H.
  • Spanoudakis, G.
  • Mahbub, K.
Book title: 9th IEEE International Conference on Service Computing
With the increased awareness of security and safety of services in on-demand distributed service provisioning (such as the recent adoption of Cloud infrastructures), certification and compliance checking of services is becoming a key element for service engineering. Existing certification techniques tend to support mainly design-time checking of service properties and tend not to support the run-time monitoring and progressive certification in the service execution environment. In this paper we discuss an approach which provides both design-time and runtime behavioural compliance checking for a services architecture, through enabling a progressive event-driven model-checking technique. Providing an integrated approach to certification and compliance is a challenge however using analysis and monitoring techniques we present such an approach for on-going compliance checking.
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