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Effectsplus is a FP7 funded Coordination & Support Action, across a large spectrum of R&D activity in the ICT Framework Programme that relates to the twin requirements of trust and security, and their constituent concepts and components.

SPaCIoS Secure Provision and Consumption in the Internet of Services

PoSecCo: Automatic Management of IT security Policies and Configurations

PoSecCo aims at supporting Future Internet service providers to deal with two interdependent challenges:

  • to achieve, maintain and prove compliance with security requirements stemming from internal needs, 3rd party demands and international regulations and
  • to cost-efficiently manage policies and security configuration in operating conditions.

The deficiencies of current processes and tools force service providers to trade off profitability against security and compliance.

PoSecCo overcomes this by establishing a traceable and sustainable link between high-level requirements and low-level configuration settings. PoSecCo aims to develop new methods and tools that support organizations in the IT security policy refinement process. The so-called policy chain is established during a design-time refinement and optimization process, whereby the specification of policies on each layer is supported by dedicated tools. Policy designers at the various levels are supported in many ways, e.g., in the identification and resolution of policy conflicts, or the selection and automated configuration of suitable enforcement mechanisms. At runtime, the policy chain can be leveraged, for instance, to support audit activities, or to understand the impact of security misconfigurations.

After successful integration of all tools into the final prototype, the project turned to the final evaluation of project results whereby staff members of our end-users will be asked to perform typical tasks they encounter in their everyday work both with and without the support of the PoSecCo tool.

Entering the last two months of the project, partners are developing an online test environment that will be maintained for 1,5 years after project end and will allow any interested user to comprehensively try out the functionalities offered by PoSecCo. Finally, the PoSecCo book will guide any interested reader through all the PoSecCo tools and link them to practical examples to be tried out in the online test environment.

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For more information: www.posecco.eu | Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

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