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A third additional advisory board meeting (originally not planned) has been approved and held in Rome, June 2013.
The main objective of the last AB meeting (held in Rome, June 2013) was to have a final assessment on ASSERT4SOA vision and results, especially from the point of view of potential viability, sustainability, and exploitation. In particular, project status and updates, project scenarios, external presentations, final results and proposals to increase sustainability of project results have been presented to AB members. Useful discussions took place during the last AB meeting and AB members had the opportunity to provide comments and to suggest suitable actions; these comments were mainly related to model clarification and specialization, to the need of managing the issues of certificate composition and dynamicity, and to the need of considering the possibility of including privacy among the security properties addressed by the project. Each AB recommendation has been discussed inside the project, answers have been provided to the AB, and, where possible, appropriate actions have been taken

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