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WP8: Dissemination & Standardization

WP Leader: UNIMI

WP 8 will focus on disseminating and publicizing the activities and results of the project within the target communities and ensuring the longer term utilization and sustainability of the results. The key target groups of dissemination include: (i) companies using and promoting service–oriented development and solutions for bigger companies; (ii) organizations relying mission–critical and safety–critical
applications where assurance policies are of paramount importance; (iii) agencies, consultancies and companies involved in the security certification of software systems. Also, WP8 will promote awareness of ASSERT4SOA aims and results within the service–oriented computing research community. Basic methods for dissemination include the ASSERT4SOA project Web page, key service–oriented and security events, press releases as well as participation to selected social network communities. Special attention will be devoted to standardization activities. In the service–oriented architecture world, standards have been a powerful tool for supporting innovation and increasing productivity. For instance, the WS–* family deals with all aspects of defining and enforcing SOA security. Its scope partially overlaps with OASIS XACML and SAML standards. In the field of security certifications for SOA architectures, standardization
is of paramount importance. While recognizing certification importance, neither the WS–* family nor OASIS XACML/SAML have devoted their effort to the definition of a standard for security certification. The role of shared standards in this field, in fact, has been widely recognized by a number of European and International agencies, including the European agency ENISA. An important goal of ASSERT4SOA in general, and of the WP8 on dissemination in particular, is to foster a new standard on security certification that focuses on SOA, to be smoothly integrated with the families of standards mentioned above. Thanks to the experience and skill of
its partners, ASSERT4SOA is in a privileged position for the definition of such a standard: on one side. UniMi, the leader of WP8, has been the initiator of the consortium aimed at the definition of the XACML standard and can rely on its experience in standardization bodies to make the standardization successful. Also, partner FUB, holds responsibility for the technical activities of the national Common Criteria certification agency in Italy, and is highly involved in the effort towards the widespread diffusion and internationalization of the standard Common Criteria. This will enable the consortium to interact with the European network of certification bodies, opening up
new perspectives on service certification and influencing real world practices.
ASSERT4SOA ability to integrate with widely recognized and respected standards for service security and dependability, such as, the WS–* family of standards will be an effective means of differentiation in a competitive marketplace. In turn, exploiting conceptual and practical links with known security certifications like the Common Criteria will maximize the compatibility of ASSERT4SOA solutions with regulations in critical fields, thereby increasing potential sales and widespread acceptance.
ASSERT4SOA key target groups heavily rely on the independent verification that technical standards provide. Certification marks earned by products and practices that consistently stand up to rigorous examination are instantly recognizable and act as respected badges of quality, safety, and performance. In summary, ASSERT4SOA will include a specific task for standardization related activities, exploiting the partners experience in close interaction with standardization bodies like OASIS. Also, ASSERT4SOA dissemination will target bodies like the IEEE Computer Society "Services Computing" technical committee and technical community, launched since in 2003. The main tool for managing the dissemination activities will be the annual dissemination plan. The dissemination plan will include a plan for all official dissemination activities including press releases and conferences and event participations and sponsorships.In collaboration together with all project stakeholders, a sustainability plan for the project will be created. The plan will describe the methods, channels and activities that will contribute to the long– terms exploitation of the project results.

Task 8.1: Web design and implementation (Leader: UniMi, M1-M6):
ASSERT4SOA website will support the dissemination of the research results. Key results will be published on that website, but also added–value services will be offered such as support in using ASSERT4SOA methodology. This platform provides a first access point for interested parties into that research project.

Task 8.2: Content production and publicity (Leader: UniMi, M1-M36):
This task will focus on the production of content dedicated to promote the ASSERT4SOA project. This will include the production of press releases relating all major events and milestones related to the project, the production of web content to keep up–to–date the ASSERT4SOA Projects, and the continuous post in our target communities.

Task 8.3: Events organization and participation (Leader: UMA, M1-M36):
Important channels of dissemination are workshops, conferences, networking events, symposia, and fairs on the topics of the project. All partners will be active in the participation and organization of such events to spread the results and achievements of ASSERT4SOA. These channels will offer a chance for personal interaction with researchers and developers. It also provides information that is exactly tailored to the different target groups that will be carefully chosen and analyzed. In the second half of Y2 the consortium will organize an open ASSERT4SOA workshop with a set of participants selected by direct invitation, including representatives from Industry, Academia, Standardization Bodies, Public Administration, Certification Entities and will also be open to external participants.

Task 8.4: Continuous dissemination planning (Leader: UniMi, M1-M36):
This task will include a continuous plan for all official dissemination activities including press releases and conferences and event participations and sponsorships.

Task 8.5: Standardization activities (Leader: UniMi, M1-M36):
This task will focus on the production of all artifacts necessary to initiate and support standardization activities in service certification. This task, in connection with the S&T Board will constantly monitor all output of the projects and more precisely related to WP1, WP3 and WP6. Complementary to this activity of content production, this task will manage the interactions with Technical Committees maintaining existing standards like the WS–* family and Common Criteria.

Task 8.6: Advisory Board and Sustainability plan (Leader: UniMi, M1-M36):
This Task will concern activities to ensure the sustainability of ASSERT4SOA results. This activity will continuously check the technical but also economical soundness of our approach and investigate long term exploitation of the results. This task includes a close collaboration with the Advisory Board and the organization of the two sessions. The results of the sessions will largely contribute to the sustainability reports.

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