The Università degli Studi di Milano is a major higher education and research institutions in Italy, offering degrees in all areas of science and humanities. The Service–oriented Secure software Architectures Research (SESAR) lab was established in 2003 at the Department of Information Technology of the Università degli Studi di Milano, and is led by Prof. Ernesto Damiani.

Longterm grants from major companies, such as, Nokia Siemens Networks, British Telecom, ST Microelectronics, Engineering and Cisco Photonics fund several of the lab’s current researches. The SESAR lab has a staff of 10 full–time researchers and post–docs, plus a number of Ph.D. candidates. SESAR ongoing research lines include the following activities: Software testing automation, in cooperation with Nokia Siemens Networks; Business Process metrics, in cooperation with Engineering; Open source adoption, in cooperation with Nokia Siemens; Security certification, in cooperation with University of Malaga, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, and City University of London; Advanced network administration and control, in cooperation with Cisco Photonics; Multimedia data collection and analysis, in cooperation with ST Microelectronics; Modeling and analysis of embedded systems, in cooperation with ST Microelectronics; Formal methods for the verification of mobile and distributed systems. The SESAR lab has also a solid background in the field of empirical software engineering and in system and network security.

On all these topics SESAR lab researchers have published hundreds of scientific papers, filed international patents and participated to standardization initiatives of W3C, OASIS and IETF.

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